Tasting verus measuring chilli hotness

When making or manufacturing chilli sauces and pastes making a consistent product can be a problem; especially for those who are manufacturing and trying to ship a consistent product.

How every person experiences the hotness and describes it as extra mild, mild, medium, hot extra hot, extremely hot is a subjective experience and is personal. Clearly some people are much more tolerant to chilli hotness han others, adn furth what may be considered hot in one culture maybe fairly mld in another.

It is possible to scientifically/objectively measure the hotness of a chilli product using a FoodSense. A product like FoodSense gives you the objective measurement of hotness in units of Scoville Heat Units (SHU). This measurement is based on the measurement of capsinoids, a group of molecules responsible for the 'hotness' of chillies. 

The subjective experience reported by the taster/consumer is proportional to the objective measurement multiplied by the person's personal sensitivity; those who don't like hotness would describe a 900 SHU (scoville heat unit) as hot, where as someone used to spicy food would describe it as very mild.

At ZP we are the designer and manufacturers of teh FoodSense, but we are also logical scientists and so we can convert terms like mild, medium, hot and extra hot into consistently  manufacturable products.

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