FoodSense questions

At FoodSense we are delighted when we receive questions, as it shows us that people are interested and  engaged, recently we received severa; questions, which we have answered below.

Question - Can we also test the dried chili and chili powder ?
Answer - ZP> Absolutely yes- powder, liquids and pastes - click here.

Question - How about the results compare with HPLC method ? are there any cross reference ? 
Answer - ZP> We have tested and compared resulting the high accuracy and correlation, please click here.

Question - I saw you also have similar device to test the spiciness in ginger as well. can we use the same device with different test strips for ginger ? let us know how many other sample can we check with that device ? 
Answer - ZP> Yes, and the package is the same because you will get the different features in one devices. Actually the device can detect one more targets, such as ginger, curcumin, chilli, white wine, etc. This video shows you what we can currently do - click here.

Question -  If possible, we would like to test the curcumin % in turmeric as well. Can you suggest us for this testing ?
Answer - Yes please see this video - click here.