Questions often asked when using FoodSense

How capscasin correlates to strength in chillie.

Capscasin has long been recognized at the parameter that corresponds to hotness/strength/spiciness in chillie. Capscaisin in chillie excites pain receptors on your tounge thus you feel the "heat". This is well representated on the Scoville scale. Through measuring the capscasin in chillie we are able to correlate this to the relative Scoville heat unit.

How FoodSense compares to lab equipment.

FoodSense is a device made for point of care and especially quality control. Being able to reliably reproduce results with the same sample makes you able to with the same device reproduce results and compare your product over time. Lab tests are tedious and requires extensive training to perform. 
With FoodSense with a little training anyone should be able to follow the simple instructions and get reproducable results. 

What is measured for garlic pungency?

When measuring garlic "Pungency" we are actually measuring diallyl disulphide in g/ml. Same as capscasin represents hotness in chillies, diallyl disulphide represents pungency in garlic. 

How is FoodSense validated against analytical testing?

Our device is validated against many analytical tools. As shown in the picture to the left, when compared to HPLC, FoodSense has an impressive correlation factor. 

Importance of sample preperation

Sample preperation is the key to reproducibility. FoodSense is made to work with buffers where there are reagents that react with the sample on the sensor. Calculations in the foodsense app are related to the exact value entered in the app, thus the closer you are to these values the less margin of error will you have.


Consintency is key in all testing and this applies to FoodSense as well. Sample preperation from beginning to end that follows the same method each time will also lower the margin of error. 


Please follow the instructions on sample prep from the link below when using FoodSense:


The foodSense app can be found on the AppStore. The FoodSense is unfortunatly not yet available on Android.