Measuring the pH in Food, Beverage and Water

In the adjacent video a couple of our development engineers show how to use the pH sensing functionality of the pH sensor on hard to otherwise test samples, such as dough.


The FoodSense pH sensor works on exactly the same principles as traditional pH sensors, but it is tiny, works well with more solid sample, for example cheese dough etc, and the sensor is entirely disposable so you don't risk contamination between samples. 

The beautiful thing about FoodSense is that it not only tests pH it can:


1) Detect the hotness of chilli

2) Measure the pungency of garlic

3) Measure the sulfite in wine

4) Measure the pH in foods and beverages

5) Measure the curcumin in turmeric

6) Detect and measure E. coli in samples

7) Measure the gingerness of ginger