25. September 2020
Our team in Indonesia is offering chilli testing as a service. Please contact Djati to find out more.
09. August 2020
Unbeknownst to us at ZP FoodSense we were featured on the YouTube Channel 7 Pot Club. We appreciate Rob Coleman featuring us. Next time we are in Minnesota we will go and see him with a ZP FoodSense.
30. July 2020
At ZP FoodSense we periodically review our quality systems to ensure that they are working as intending and to ensure that they are fit for purpose. Today our engineers went through a 24 step assembly procedure which includes several inspections and test points. This review takes at least two engineers: one engineer who is doing and the second who is observing and reviewing.
22. July 2020
If you are still asking how hot Tabasco Sauce is, then feel free to watch this live demonstration of measuring the hotness of a newly opened bottle.
20. July 2020
In the calculator below we show you the amount of capsaicin that can be added to an aqueous solution in order to prepare a solution with a known Scoville Heat Unit (SHU).
04. June 2020
ZP FoodSense is proud of our technology and our brand so we are happy to launch our range of branded wear and merchandise.
19. May 2020
At ZP FoodSense we are proud of our products for the rapid measurement of Food Quality and Food Safety. Please tour our website to find out more.
13. May 2020
Today we gave a live streaming webinar and live demo of the FoodSense, that was attended by over 170 people. Thank you to everyone who attended. We do appreciate your attention and your kind feedback and we will do it again.
08. May 2020
ZP FoodSense we will be giving a live webinar on FoodSense. Who should attend People in the Food Industry interested in Food Quality and Food Safety. When On the 13 May 2020 at 7 AM GMT/ 8 AM British Summer Time Where Please click the registration link below to register. After you have registered a streaming link will be sent to you
02. May 2020
This week the ZP FoodSense Group gave a live streaming demo of the FoodSense, in the live stream we measured the hotness of tobasco sauce.

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