26. September 2021
FoodSense - Chilli Sensor in article by Clive Pickering
ZP FoodSense is delighted to be featured in a LinkedIn post by Clive Pickering
16. September 2021
In the video below we discuss dealing with more complex, heterogeneous, chilli samples.
13. September 2021
Capscasin, pungency, validation etc. There is a lot of science behind FoodSense! Read this post to get some more background on FoodSense and maybe have some of your questions answered.
21. June 2021
In this video the Food Sciences Group at ZP are measuring the hotness of Sriracha Sauce, we are fans of this sauce so it's nice to get some in for our scientific studies.
09. May 2021
Calculate your personal perception of the hotness of food using the calculator below.
27. April 2021
At ZP FoodSense we have the world's only fast test for objectively measuring the hotness of chilli products.
23. March 2021
The ZP FoodSense is able to analyse the ingredients in food, including: garlic, ginger and chilli.
18. March 2021
ZP FoodSense - We have expanded the number of tests that can be performed on the FoodSense, please see the button below to see the FoodSense tests.
07. January 2021
Chile Pepper Variety Evaluation
At ZP FoodSense we are delighted to report on independent work performed at Purdue University, where they monitored the hotness of chile peppers using the FoodSense - ChilliPot. In this article we report the method developed by Purdue University for testing chile peppers and there validation of the ChilliPot by correlation with HPLC.
17. December 2020
The ZP FoodSense Team has put together a video on how to download the FoodSense App.

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