18. March 2020
At ZP FoodSense we perform HPLC analysis of foods as a service as well as supporting our FoodSense product. In this data we have used HPLC to analyse some samples for their capsaicin and ferulic acid content.
08. March 2020
ZP FoodSense will be exhibiting at the Malaysian International Food and Beverage Conference from July 22nd to July 24. Please come and meet us there.
21. February 2020
ZP FoodSense will be exhibiting at the ASTA Annual Meeting and Exhibition: April 19-21, 2020 San Diego Bayfront Hilton San Diego, CA
13. February 2020
ZP FoodSense are exhibiting at IFT Chicago this year, please come and see us there.
04. February 2020
ZP and the FoodSense Group will be at ProWein in Düsseldorf from the 15 to 17 March 2020 we will be touring with FoodSense which can measure the pH and sulfite in wine. if you would like a live demo please contact us now and we will meet you at the show.
26. January 2020
At FoodSense we do get a lot of enquires whether our chilli sensor will measure samples like curry sauces, so at a recent company party we gave it a go.
24. January 2020
In this note we discuss a recent study where we measured the E. coli in five bags of spinach. We measured the E. coli by both traditional agar plate measurements and using the E. coli sensor for FoodSense.
11. January 2020
FoodSense has the broadest panel of Food Quality and Food Safety in a hand held device. At the time of writing this little device can test: chilli, garlic, white wine, ginger, turmeric, pH and detect E. coli.
07. January 2020
In this video we take a well known brand of Chilli Sauce. We prepared a sample and then tested the sample on three different sensors. The results are shown in the table below.
05. January 2020
At FoodSense we receive a lot of interest for our Chilli Sensor from people producing their own sauces and growing their own chillies at home. We have therefore launched our KICKSTARTER campaign to get this home version of the chilli sensor going. Please click the button below to see our KICKSTARTER campaign.

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