27. October 2019
In this note we discuss the chemistry of sulfur/sulfur dioxide/sulfite in wine. Though the term sulfur, sulfur dioxide and sulfite are interchanged and used to describe the chemical species in the wine, because of the wine's acidity/pH, which is often in the range 3 to 4, the actual chemical species present in wine is bisulfite (HSO3-). Therefore though sulfur dioxide (SO2) maybe added to wine or is naturally present, because of the acidity of wine the sulfur dioxide is often present as...
19. October 2019
FoodSense brings rapid E. Coli detection to the Food, Water and Beverage Industry.
03. October 2019
Our collaborators in Japan have been bust testing the FoodSense again, this time on taco and chili mix - note all number have SHU units.
29. September 2019
Many producers and manufacturers of chillies and chilli derived products are moving from the non-technical taste testing and moving over to the objective measurement of hotness using the FoodSense. The issue with taste testing of chillies and chilli products is that it is non-quantitative. In a recent study for one of our clients we performed a blind taste test where our tasters showed that one product was 'hotter' than another; we then went onto use the FoodSense Chilli sensor and we able to...
06. September 2019
Zimmer and Peacock are shipping the FoodSense across the globe, in this video we were reviewing a client's data; we can see from the data the repeatability of their results when measuring a range of hot sauces, including Tobasco.
03. September 2019
At ZP we are passionate about FoodSense, and so we have mapped out the roadmap for this technology. Our intention is to add these new functionalities to these sensors. At the time of writing this document we have: Capsaicin for chillies Diallyl disulfide for garlic Sulfite for wine pH for food quality In the pipeline we have E.Coli, CBD, THC, gingerol, curcumin, vanillin, piperine, saltiness, TAS, phosphate, nitrate, potassium, skatole, androstenone, calcium. If you have any questions please...
21. August 2019
In this first video we show you have to quickly get started on the FoodSense - and we demo the measurement of a chilli sample.
03. August 2019
The FoodSense Group has created a calculator which allows a production team to accurately produce/manufacture a chilli paste. If you would like the calculator please don't hesitate to contact us.
03. August 2019
When making or manufacturing chilli sauces and pastes making a consistent product can be a problem; especially for those who are manufacturing and trying to ship a consistent product.
07. July 2019
In this video we discuss the utility of FoodSense, showing both the hardware but also doing a walk through of the app.

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