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Know more about FoodSense

If you are new to our page then this is the perfect introduction to FoodSense, the device and the concept!

At Zimmer & Peacock we have designed and fabricated a handheld portable device that allows the end user to analyse the quality and safety of their products. This device is called FoodSense, a product that has the ability to measure a range of food, beverage and water analytes. These include chilli, garlic, ginger, vanilla, pepper, wine, turmeric and E.coli.

Want to test the hotness of your chilli sauce? FoodSense can analyse the amount of capsaicin present in your sample through a series of electrochemical analysis and in return provide the scoville Heat units of your chillis or sauces via an app on your phone within the matter of minutes.

We offer free online support and demos for our customers who purchase our FoodSense technology. If you would like to learn more about the device, please get in touch or visit our website. We have also uploaded a number of videos on YouTube showing the measurement of different well known chilli sauces!

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