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FoodSense Webinar 29 November 2023

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

A weekly webinar from ZP answering technical questions that have come in for the week, there is no need to watch live as the webinar is recorded. This week we will discuss measuring low SHU samples (100 SHU), and our second question will explain why Certificates of Analysis for chilli products are not reliable.

Question One – Measuring mild products 100 SHU

Question Two – How to accurately grade chilli products 1 to 10

Q2A I want to prepare chilli powders which I can grade 1 to 10

Q2B I’ve encountered a challenge. The Scoville unit measurements provided by these suppliers are not reliable. They vary widely, even for the same type of chili, making it difficult to consistently categorize the spices by heat level.

Q2C My goal is to ensure that each year, the spice labelled as ‘1’ is milder than ‘2’, ‘2’ is less spicy than ‘3’, and so on, up to the hottest ‘10’., but it must reliably indicate that each number is progressively hotter than the previous.

Q2D I’d like to learn more about your product, its cartridges, and the overall system.

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