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FSG4 Weekly Webinar 6 March 2024

A weekly webinar from ZP answering questions for the week.

Questions -

Issues with Dilution Ratio:

  • How can I determine the exact appropriate dilution ratio?

  • A problem arises with an increasing number of measurements due to changes in the dilution ratio.

  • If an increase in the number of measurements and dilution at a high magnification are necessary, it may lead to higher consumption of buffer solution, resulting in increased measurement costs.

Challenges with Measurement Accuracy:

  • To ascertain the appropriateness of the measured data, it is essential to compare it with L/C or sensory testing after each measurement with Foodsense. This process often leads to inconvenient problems during use.

Sample Test Results from January 31st: 2.1 Red Pepper Powder (9 times diluted):

  • After sufficiently mixing, sampling, and measuring once, the results measured by Foodsense were 3405 and 3665 SHU.

  • Sensory testing revealed a difference in the level of spiciness. However, the Foodsense measurement was around 250 SHU. Are there any foreseeable problems with this measurement? If the issue lies with the dilution ratio, how much should I dilute?

2.2 Liquid Spicy Sauce Using Red Pepper Powder:

  • After thorough mixing, evenly sampling, and measuring once for each 4-fold dilution, the measurement results were 881 and 828 SHU.

  • There is a difference in sensuality. Can you point out any problems with the measurements? We are particularly interested in the difference in SHU measurements between the two products, despite the relatively small variations. Although there is a difference in sensory testing, there is no variation in Foodsense measurements. What could this difference indicate?

  1. Introduction to the G4 Device in Yesterday’s Webinar:

  • Please provide a detailed explanation of the differences in product functions and usage between the G3 and G4 devices.

  • Are the measurement results obtained from the G3 and G4 the same?

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