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Measuring the SHU of Xperience, Apollo and Unique Garlique

The video presents a detailed discussion on the testing and ranking of three hot sauces based on their Scoville heat units. It begins with an explanation of the Scoville scale and the difference between measuring the heat of fresh versus dried chili peppers. The author discusses the theoretical limitations of chili sauces' heat levels based on their composition, emphasizing the importance of understanding the relationship between wet and dry weight in determining heat intensity. The testing methodology using the FoodSense Generation 4 device is explained, highlighting the repeatability and reliability of the results. Three sauces—Unique Garlic, Experience, and Apollo—are tested multiple times, with Experience and Apollo showing statistically similar heat levels, leading to their joint first-place ranking. The text concludes by inviting questions on the science of chili sauces and the use of the FoodSense Generation 4 device.

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