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Testing Bedgi Chilli Powder

Welcome to the ZP Food Sense webinar, where we explore the exciting realm of chili powder testing, revolutionized by the innovative technology known as Food Sense. This weekly gathering serves as a platform for addressing user queries and providing invaluable insights. Today's focus is on capsicum testing in chilies and chili products, with upcoming live streaming webinars slated for March 27th to offer practical demonstrations across diverse global time zones. Food Sense Generation 4 takes center stage, boasting advanced chili sensors and a suite of features including Ginger sensors and Total Antioxidant Capacity measurement, all seamlessly integrated with a smartphone app. Meet Julie, the cloud system pivotal to Food Sense, offering personalized training and empowering users with weekly and monthly webinars. Enter the intriguing realm of Bedgi chili powder, challenging conventional testing with its oil-laden, milder profile, navigated with innovative solutions and collaboration with Indian distributors. At its core, Food Sense prioritizes data transparency and user empowerment, saving and analyzing data in the cloud to transcend traditional testing paradigms. Mark your calendars for the next webinar on March 27th, and remember, the Food Sense team is always on hand for assistance. With Food Sense, chili powder testing enters a new era of accuracy and efficiency, inviting you to join the journey of culinary exploration where every Scoville unit counts and every data point tells a story. Stay tuned for more insights, updates, and innovations from the world of Food Sense. Whether you're watching live or catching up later, the spirit of innovation and collaboration remains ever-present.

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