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HPLC determination of capsaicin and FoodSense

Updated: Mar 23

In this note we have brought together our discussions around the determination of capsaicin by high-pressure-liquid-chromatography (HPLC).

ZP is unique as we both developed and manufacture the FoodSense for determining SHU (Scoville Heat Unit) of chilli samples, but we are also owners of a HPLC system that we use for chilli testing and FoodSense validation.

The video below is part of a webinar from ZP on accuracy and precision, where we discuss the issues of Accuracy and Precision in the context of HPLC testing for the SHU measurements of chilli products.

ZP is a very unique business as we combine strong engineering alongside a World Class Analytical Sciences Group, and so as part of the development of FoodSense we were able to test chilli products both by FoodSense and by HPLC.

ZP owns, runs and maintains a HPLC system and we know better than most the cost of ownership of a HPLC system, and also the issues with natural product testing including chillies.

FoodSense has been on the market for several years and so we were delighted when the University of Minnesota did their own independent evaluation, and more importantly they continue to produce data and use FoodSense in their research.

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